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Food Photography Photoshoot Procedure In Singapore

We have completed dozens of food shoots a month in Asia. Given so, we have some experience in food photography from from high-end restaurants to hawkers or road-side stalls to share with you. We are capable to shoot for large scale projects, like thousands of restaurants a month.

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Day of the Shoot

We usually send two people for the shoot. Where necessary, we also bring a food stylist. The food stylist has an important job. He or she makes sure the table has the necessary accessories to make dining look like an exciting experience at your restaurant. He or she will bring props but also ask for raw ingredients from your kitchen, as well as good plates, condiments, herbs, utensils, and others. Before we even shoot, all these can be preplanned with the look you want.

The photographer will set up his equipment while you plate your food. We appreciate if you could make all the dishes beforehand so we can take a “hero shot” of all the dishes or look at the whole table. Don’t worry about the food being cold. We have a dry ice fog machine.

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Shoot Essentials

The shoot starts when the photographer has set up his lights. Based on the same table overlay and styling, he will take a few dishes before changing the look. Among other things, he needs space and time to concentrate. He may also need to change lenses or adjust the lights.

We usually take shots of the kitchen and staff as well. Given so, please make sure the area is clean and the staff are well dressed. The whole shoot will take 2 to 4 hours for a normal shoot and whole day or days if it is a big project.

Post production

After the shoot is done, the photographer will do one first round of edit. Then iShinora in-house editors will discuss the edit and make further changes. The point is to fit our pre-agreed style and also achieve the maximum quality possible, regardless of shoot budget.

iShinora can deliver pictures within 48 hours of shoot. This ensures you get every client who is available in the digital space.

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